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The Carter Wise Choice is obviously a wise choice.  This release also has an index finger hole to assist with consistent finger placement and adds the security of an enclosed jaw for peace of mind. The Wise Choice features an auto-closing jaw for quick and easy D loop attachment. The simple set screw tension adjustment system give you the most precise and simple trigger tension adjustability. Carter is adding a removable lanyard system to give the bow hunter the option of clipping the release on the D loop or keeping the Wise Choice on your wrist. Available in both a 3 finger and 4 finger fit.

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Trigger Type: Thumb

Weight: 6oz

Made in Idaho

Introducing the Carter Wise Choice Archery Release: Elevate Your Shooting Precision

The Carter Wise Choice Archery Release is meticulously engineered to enhance your shooting experience with precise index finger placement and secure grip. Crafted by Carter Enterprises, renowned for premium release aids, this thumb trigger release boasts a range of features designed to elevate your archery performance.

Auto-Closing Jaw for Effortless Attachment: Featuring an auto-closing jaw, the Wise Choice allows for quick and secure attachment to your d-loop, eliminating concerns about accidental loss or detachment during critical moments.

Customizable Set Screw Tension Adjustment: With a set screw tension adjustment system, you have the flexibility to tailor the trigger tension to your exact preference and shooting style, ensuring optimal comfort and control.

Enhanced Index Finger Hole for Stability: The inclusion of an index finger hole ensures a secure grip and prevents slippage, even in challenging conditions. This feature promotes consistent index finger placement, resulting in improved accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency.

Versatile Removable Lanyard System: Equipped with a removable lanyard system, the Wise Choice offers flexibility in how you carry and use the release. Whether clipped to your loop or wrist, the lanyard provides convenience and safety, with options for different colors and configurations to suit your preferences.

Universal Fit for Seamless Transition: Designed with a universal fit matching the geometry of the popular 1st Choice release, transitioning between releases is seamless, requiring no adjustment to your grip or stance. This versatility ensures effortless integration into your archery setup.

The Carter Wise Choice Archery Release is the ideal companion for archers seeking precision, control, and confidence in their shooting performance. Whether honing your skills on the range or navigating challenging hunting scenarios, this release delivers unparalleled reliability and ease of use. For more information, visit the official website or explore online retailers like Amazon. Elevate your archery game with the Carter Wise Choice Archery Release today.

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