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Type: Limb Driven or Cable Driven

Micro Click Adjust: Yes

Lifetime Warranty 

  • Width
    • 2.869”
  • Weight
    • Universal Bracket
    • 5.1 oz
    • C.O.R. Interface
    • 4.0 oz


Introducing the Next Evolution in Archery Rests: Hamskea’s Precision Performance Rest

Experience the pinnacle of archery rest technology with Hamskea’s latest innovation – the most advanced rest ever crafted! Engineered with cutting-edge machining and revolutionary features, this rest combines unparalleled performance with a sleeker, lighter design for ultimate precision on the range or in the field.

C.O.R. Mount™ Technology: Achieve optimal arrow flight with the Center-Shot Optimized Rest, strategically positioned behind the riser for a lower profile. Utilizing Mathews Bracket or C.O.R. Interface ensures precise 13/16″ center shot alignment right out of the package.

Versatile Limb Actuation: Tailor your setup to your preferences with flexible Top Limb Drive, Bottom Limb Driven, or Cable Driven configurations, providing versatility for any shooting style.

Micro-Click Windage and Elevation Adjustment: Fine-tune your shot with precision using the Micro-Click Windage and Elevation Adjustment system, featuring .003″ per click increments and a reliable Ball-Detent mechanism for smooth, accurate adjustments.

Enhanced Stability and Smoothness: Benefit from three Stainless Steel Bearings that deliver smooth actuation and support the full length of the carrier rod, ensuring consistent performance shot after shot.

Innovative Rebound Dampener: Minimize launcher rebound and mechanical stresses with the Rebound Dampener, engineered to optimize arrow containment while maintaining whisper-quiet operation.

Customizable Features for Perfect Fit: Tailor your setup with adjustable Launcher Position and Torsion Spring Tension, allowing you to fine-tune performance based on your specific arrow choice and shooting preferences.

Delta V Arrow Guide: Experience enhanced arrow stability with the Delta V Arrow Guide, designed to securely hold your arrow in place when the bow is at brace.

Comprehensive Package Inclusions: The package includes essential components such as the Rebound Dampener, Mounting System, C.O.R. Mount™ Interface, Knobby Limb Pad, Riser Mounted Arrow Guide, Die Cut Felt, Limb Activation Cord, Instructions, and all necessary Mounting Hardware, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Unlock the full potential of your bow with the Hamskea Precision Performance Rest – the ultimate choice for archers seeking uncompromising precision, reliability, and versatility in their equipment. Elevate your archery experience with HG Archery, where you’ll find Free Shipping, Expert Advice, and VIP customer service.

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