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Sleeps: 1 Person

Season: 4 Season

Minimum Weight: 2lbs 14oz

Packed Weight: 3lbs 12oz

Material: Kerlon 1200

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Introducing the Red Label Solo Tent, a spacious and remarkably lightweight shelter designed for true all-season functionality. Crafted with precision and expertise, this solo tent has earned its reputation as the go-to choice for adventurers seeking the perfect balance of weight savings and comfort on their journeys.

When the Akto was first introduced over 25 years ago, its creators could not have anticipated its widespread popularity. Despite being only slightly heavier than a bivy bag, the Akto offers a near-luxurious shelter experience for solo travelers, complete with a vestibule and a compact packed size that fits effortlessly into side pockets on many packs.

Ideal for any adventure where lightweight, all-season performance is paramount, the Akto has proven its mettle on extended polar expeditions and will withstand a wide range of conditions with ease. Hikers, climbers, bicycle tourers, and sea kayakers have all embraced its lightweight yet spacious design, using it in diverse climates around the globe. Long-distance backpackers particularly appreciate the sturdy, comfortable haven it provides at the end of a challenging day on the trail, while trekkers rely on its lightweight versatility when traditional lodging options are scarce or impractical.

Derived from the Sami word meaning “alone,” the Akto embodies the spirit of independence and self-reliance that characterizes solo adventures in the great outdoors.

Experience the unparalleled performance of the Red Label Solo Tent from HG Archery, where you’ll enjoy free shipping, expert advice, and VIP customer service to ensure your outdoor pursuits are met with the utmost support and expertise.

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