Hydra Knives Legio IX SA Green

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Hydra Knives

Legio IX SA Green

The “Legio IX SA Green” by Hydra Knives is more than just a knife; it’s a symbol of style, durability, and functionality. Designed by Miguel Barbudo, this knife is a tribute to Spanish history, specifically inspired by the powerful Ninth Legion.

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Constructed with a full tang design, this knife is built to withstand any challenge. The ergonomic handle, made of green G10, not only provides a comfortable grip but also adds a distinctive look to the Legio IX SA Green, reflecting your personality.

The 18 cm sandblasted clip point blade, crafted from Sleipner steel, is cryogenically hardened and tempered to a hardness of 60-63 HRC, ensuring exceptional cutting power. The easy-cut hollow grind allows for effortless maneuvering in any situation.

Measuring 31 cm in overall length and weighing 580 g, the Legio IX SA Green strikes the perfect balance between robustness and functionality. The lanyard hole offers customization options, allowing you to add a lanyard for easier retrieval or decorative purposes. Additionally, the included Kydex sheath completes the package, making the Legio IX SA Green an indispensable companion.

Designed by Miguel Barbudo, this knife represents not only quality but also style and individuality. Miguel seamlessly blends Spanish knife tradition with modern aesthetics, resulting in a standout piece that is sure to impress.

In summary, the Legio IX SA Green is a testament to craftsmanship, style, and functionality, making it a must-have for any adventurer or knife enthusiast looking to make a statement.


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