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Load Capacity: 35 ft-lbs/ kg

Height: 2.67″/ 6.78cm

Width: 2.51″/ 6.37cm

Length: 2.85″/ 7.23cm

Ball Diameter: 30mm

Tripod Mount: 3/8″-16

Weight: 15.2oz/ 433g

Introducing the RRS ANVIL-30 ARC Ball Head: Where Precision Meets Excellence

Crafted to Perfection: Prepare to elevate your photography and observation experience with the Anvil-30 ARC, meticulously crafted to perfection. Its unparalleled design and top-tier quality stand as a testament to precision craftsmanship, ensuring that every shot and observation is executed with unparalleled accuracy and finesse.

Empower Every Shot: With the Anvil-30 ARC by your side, confidence becomes your constant companion. Doubt dissipates, replaced by unwavering certainty in every capture, every observation, and every mission-critical moment. This ball head empowers you to seize every opportunity with confidence and precision.

Reliability Redefined: Experience reliability like never before with the Anvil-30 ARC. Beyond offering mere stability, this ball head promises unwavering reliability in the face of rugged terrains and demanding conditions. It remains your steadfast partner, ensuring that you never miss a crucial shot.

Key Features:

  • RRS-Lock™ System: Unique safety-stop features built into both the mounting rail and quick-release clamp adhere to the RRS 1.5” Standard, offering multiple “hard-stop” positions along the rail for maximum ergonomics and snag-free interface.
  • Adjustable Clamp Jaw: Compatibility with various arca-type rails, even those not in spec with the RRS 1.5″ Dovetail Standard.
  • Patent Pending Dual Lever-Release Clamp: Enables fast and easy mounting on RRS Dovetail and Picatinny sections, ensuring versatility and efficiency.
  • Ergonomic Design: Superior handling and unsurpassed reliability, crafted for maximum comfort and performance.
  • Stronger, Lighter, Faster: Sets the benchmark for strength, lightweight design, and quick operation in the market.
  • Re-positionable Lever-Release: Offers flexibility in various shooting situations for enhanced convenience.
  • Highly-Visible Level: Embedded in both front and back sides of the main ball body for precise leveling, catering to both left and right-handed users.
  • Laser-Engraved Millimeter Scale: Provides precise centering and positioning within the clamp jaw, facilitating accurate adjustments.
  • Premium Quality Components: Machined from solid aircraft aluminum or stainless steel, ensuring maximum durability and minimum weight for optimal performance.

Elevate your photography and observation game to new heights with the RRS ANVIL-30 ARC Ball Head, the epitome of precision and excellence in the world of photography equipment.

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