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The UV Button features ULTRAGLIDE bushing technology, making it easy to maintain and providing a smooth and reliable release. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and consistent shot every time, and it has the same profile as The Hinge 2 for seamless switching for training. It also has adjustable travel and force, a springed d-loop retainment, wrist strap loop, contoured knob, rubber bumper silencer and a durable Cerakote finish.

  • ULTRAGLIDE™ – An all-new technology for button releases; ULTRAGLIDE™ is an advanced self lubricating, internal bushing system that eliminates all unnecessary metal-on-metal contact. This results in an incredibly low maintenance, smooth, reliable and quiet release.
  • UV Button & Hinge 2 – Both releases have the exact same profile and geometry. This optimizes comfort and consistency when switching releases. As an added bonus, with proper shot execution, you may experience the same point of impact with both releases. Watch this video for achieving the best results: LINK HERE
  • Convenient Adjustability – Micro-adjust wide ranges of force and travel. The force can be set as feather-light or super-heavy without needing to swap springs.
  • Springed D-loop Retainment – Allows you to keep UV Button™ on your string without it falling off, ensuring you’re ready at all times – a must have for all hunters.
  • Hunting Bracket 3rd Finger – Inspired by The Hunting Bracket, the third finger has a lanyard loop for people who prefer using a wrist lanyard.
  • Contour Knob – The Contour thumb knob has an ergonomic dished contour with non-slip spiral grooves – ensuring it fits your thumb while creating a tactile repeatable point of reference.
  • Cerakote – Unmatched durable Smoke Gray and Matte Black Cerakote options available.
  • Weight – Smoke Gray Aluminum: 3.1oz Matte Black Stainless: 5.6oz

Introducing the ULTRAVIEW UV BUTTON RELEASE: Elevate Your Archery Experience

The ULTRAVIEW UV BUTTON RELEASE is the ultimate button release aid designed for discerning archery enthusiasts. Equipped with state-of-the-art ULTRAGLIDE bushing technology, this release offers unparalleled smoothness and reliability, ensuring a consistent shot every time. Crafted to fit your hand perfectly, the UV Button provides unmatched comfort and control, allowing you to focus on your target with confidence. Here’s why the UV Button stands out:

Advanced ULTRAGLIDE Technology: Experience an effortless release with the advanced ULTRAGLIDE bushing technology, which eliminates unnecessary metal-on-metal contact. This results in a release that is incredibly smooth, reliable, and quiet, requiring minimal maintenance.

Seamless Transition: The UV Button shares the same profile and geometry as The Hinge 2, ensuring a seamless transition between both releases. Whether you prefer a button release or a hinge release, you can expect consistent performance and comfort with either option.

Convenient and Adjustable Design: Enjoy unparalleled convenience and adjustability with the UV Button. Micro-adjustable wide ranges of force and travel allow you to customize your shooting experience, while the springed d-loop retainment ensures your release stays securely in place, ready for action at all times.

Ergonomic Contour Knob: The contour thumb knob features an ergonomic dished contour with non-slip spiral grooves, providing a comfortable and tactile reference point for consistent shooting.

Two Finishes, Multiple Sizes: Choose from two sleek finishes – Matte Black Stainless or Smoke Gray Aluminum – to suit your style. The UV Button is available in medium and large sizes, with 2 and 4 finger options coming soon, ensuring a perfect fit for every archer.

In summary, the ULTRAVIEW UV BUTTON RELEASE redefines button release aids with its smooth, reliable, and adjustable design. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or just starting out, the UV Button offers unparalleled performance and versatility, allowing you to take your archery skills to new heights.

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